"Melissa is such a positive and inspiring teacher"

We have been coming to Melissa’s yoga classes since September and we love them. Melissa is such a positive and inspiring teacher and welcoming to everyone including those of us who are less flexible! The classes are relaxed but we work hard. Yoga class makes us both feel healthier and less stressed. A testament to yoga and to our teacher. Thank you so much Melissa.

Carol and Ellie


"classes are always extremely well planned"

Melissa is a kind and engaging teacher who creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere in her classes. Her teaching is excellent and her classes are always extremely well planned, with each posture flowing seamlessly into the next.


"I feel much

Since joining Melissa’s classes, the benefits of Yoga have been really noticeable. My stamina and flexibility have increased significantly and I feel much more energised.  I would highly recommend you try one of Melissa’s classes as I’m sure you will feel the benefits.



"I can focus completely on my mind and body"

Melissa’s class is my weekly indulgent treat that I look forward all week. It’s an hour long pass out from the daily hectic grind where I can focus completely on my mind and body. Melissa’s style is just lovely, her classes are relaxed yet focussed as she asks you to set your intentions for that next hour and by the end a class I always feel rested, calm and ready to go about my day in the best possible way.


"I always come away feeling amazing"

I’ve been attending Melissa’s classes for almost a year. I keep going back as there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. She gives you options to challenge and to try new things in your practice, and for me it feels the right environment to do so - if you feel like it (or not). Since attending I have really developed. I can feel I’m getting stronger and more flexible and I always come away feeling amazing. I recently came back from a snowboarding holiday and it’s the best I’ve ridden for years. I also did Nordic skiing. The last time I tried my thighs were painful for days and this year, I was expecting the same, but I was fine. I put both these things down to regularly attending Melissa’s classes.



"I always leave feeling relaxed
and rejuvenated"

I love the combination of physical, mental and spiritual awareness that yoga brings, in a non-competitive environment. There is a warm vibe about Melissa’s Saturday morning session, I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated


"I feel much healthier
all round"

I’ve been going to Melissa’s yoga class for about a year now as often as I can having never done anything like this before. In my job as a Clinical Psychologist some days I might not move more than a few steps between rooms, yet I’m constantly thinking, processing, reflecting and supporting others to regulate, make sense of trauma and connect with difficult emotions. Yoga has been an amazing way to help me move out of this ‘headspace’ after a busy day and focus simply on myself, my body and my breathing in the moment - something I would just never really do otherwise. It’s a great stress reliever and I feel much healthier all round when I get into the routine of going weekly. Melissa is so enthusiastic and her love of yoga is infectious - the atmosphere Melissa creates is friendly and supportive and fun - not pretentious or competitive. It’s a great way to spend an hour and I recommend it to everyone, I’m really glad I gave it a go and I can imagine I will keep at it now for years to come - thank you Melissa