Since I stepped foot into my very first Yoga class as part of my Dance degree, I knew that Yoga would be something that I would have a passion for.  There was something challenging yet calming about the Yoga class; mentally and physically. As soon as I found myself in the ending posture of ‘savasana’ I knew I was at peace. 

I started attending one Yoga class every week and quite quickly I could see a difference in my posture, flexibility, balance, core stability and overall strength.  I also started to become more mindful and focused on the powerful breath while moving through a strong continuous sequence of postures. 

Through understanding the benefits of Yoga I wanted to develop my practice further, I attended an extra evening class with the same Yoga instructor and many workshops to enhance my knowledge further and I understood that there is so much more to Yoga.  I started to become interested in the history and philosophy of Yoga as well as the spiritual and meditational aspects.  I have now been practicing Yoga for many years with different teachers. 

I decided I wanted to share my passion for Yoga with others and completed a 200-hour Yoga teacher-training course with Nalini Yoga and Yoga Alliance in 2016.  



My classes welcome all adult ages and abilities with options for beginners and more advanced practitioners.  The classes are primarily Vinyasa, incorporating other styles of Yoga whilst connecting the movement with the breath and working equal strength and flexibility.